Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Same ole story

Well its been a long time since I posted anything, so its the same ole story. Since my last post, I went to the appointment on August 12th, the doctor had put me on medication to take one 3 times a day. When I first went to the doctor my level was 0.01, 6 weeks later after being on medication is was 20.60. He was just trying to get it in between 0.24-4.2. So my levels were way to low. He said just start taking one pill a day for 4 weeks and go have more blood work done. So I did that and 4 weeks later it was 11.94, still to low, he told me to go off my medication all together and go back in 3-4 weeks and have blood work done again,so thats where I'm at today, just got off the phone with the nurse and get this in 3 weeks in went from 11.94 to 0.07 so now it's to high! This is so frustrating. She told me that he wanted me to go back on my medication one pill a day until my appointment in November! I know its gonna be the same as it was before when I was taking the medication..I'm so confused and feel like there's just no solution.