Saturday, August 8, 2009

My first Blog!

Well, I decided to start a blog. I'm sure this will be very boring to most people since I don't lead a very extravagant life, but its my life and the Lord has blessed beyond measure and I love it.

I guess I could start my saying the reason I have decided to start a blog is because I have had some difficulty with being able to get pregnant and I know my family and Mark gets tired of hearing the same ole story about it so I guess this can be my little get away and just get it off my chest. I don't want to complain because my situation is so small and petty compared to what some of the people I know have had to go through I just would like to share my experience and yes mostly frustration. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism back in the summer of 2006. I had just met Mark (I'll do a post on that later) and we had been dating a little while. I had been having some symptons of what I thought was diabetes, my heart was racing, I was feeling anxious and run down. My mom made me an appointment with our family doctor. I was sitting in his office late one afternoon with my mom and he waited to see us last, that kind of scared me and my mom. He came in the room and started going over my blood work with me, he said I had what they call hyperthyroidism. I had never heard of it before. He went on to say that my thyriod levels were so bad (low which means high..confusing I know) that they wouldn't even register on the blood test. He said i also had something called Graves' freaked me out because I was like Grave... I'm gonna die!! But he assured me I wasn't going to die that the man that discovered this disease his last name was Grave...whew! So he said he was going to refer me to a specialist in Huntsville. He also said that this disease was nothing to worry about and if he had to have a disease that this would be the one he would want. That it can help be controlled with medication. So we left the doctors office happy that it wasn't diabetes and that it was nothing serious. So over the course of the next few weeks I was in and out of the HH Medical Mall doing tests. I went to see the specialist and he put me on medication and that was that, I went in to see him about every 2 months. I wasn't ever good about taking the medication though. I still felt bad alot and even when I went to pick out my wedding dress I had a spell and almost passed out, that was the worse it had ever felt. So i tried to remember to take my medication better. I went on for about a year being a very happy newly wed and then Mark and I decide we would love to have a baby. And I remembered from when I had went to see the specialist about my condition he said that I didn't need to get pregnant until I got my thyroid under control, at that time we weren't even married yet and I just felt that by the time we got ready to have one that it would be controlled by then. So this day was upon us, so I made an appointment with my specialist. Mark went with me to the appointment and I asked the doctor, "When can I have kids?" He said that my levels from the last appointment weren't any better and that I didn't need to get pregnant right now, but that I had some options, I could continue on the medication (that I wasn't taking), surgery to remove the thyriod, or Radioactive Iodine Treatment to kill the thyriod, it was a procedure of 2 visits and just me taking one big pill. So the radioactive treatment sounded good to me! Mark and I went home and started talking about my options and decided to go ahead with the radioactive treatment. I went in on July 17th 2007, and started the first round of the treatment, I don't even remember now what it was. The next day was when I actually took the pill and became radioactive. It was very weird because they told me I couldn't be around kids, pregnant women, ride in the car with someone for a long period of time, or even sleep in the same bed as my husband for about a week. The specialist had told me that I could not get pregnant for at least a year after the treatment, because it could cause some major birth defects if I did with that iodine still in my system. So we went on for a year, that was a difficult year, my mom had been diagnosed with cancer. (I'll do a post on that later also.) So I had pushed my thoughts of getting pregnant away because I wanted to devote all my prayers to her, It was the most difficult thing I and I know my whole family had to go through. But the Precious and Almighty God intervened and healed my mom in February of 2008! There's so much more to that story though. So it was the summer of 2008 and I had another appointment with my specialist. It had been a year and we were past ready to have a kid. I went in and he said the same ole story, don't get pregnant your levels are still not good. I was so frustrated and it was like he wasn't concerned that I was ready to have a baby and I wanted a solution that would help me get that way. I decided to make an appointment with my family dr, after all he was the one who had diagnosed me and he also delivered babies, so I thought he would know more about it and he was so much more considerate. And at this time I still had no idea why the specialist would tell me not to get pregnant, was it because my health might suffer or something else would happen I had no idea. I went by myself to my family doctor, I told him I had been feeling fine, that I hadn't been taking my medication that I had had the radioactive iodine treatment done a little over a year before. He said everything sounded fine and they would check my levels and then we could go from there on whether he thought I should get pregnant or not. While I was there I just asked him why I couldn't get pregnant, he said that if I was to get pregnant and my levels were out of whack that it could cause some major birth defects, that my baby could be mentally retarded or mis-shaped and mis-formed even fetal death. That scared me to death as it would anyone but I wasn't going to get so freaked out until I got the results back from my blood work, because after all I had been feeling fine and maybe it was alot better.....wrong! So they called one day and told me the levels were still bad and they were sending the blood results in to my specialist and to go over them on my next appointment. By this time I was so frustrated and scared to death that my baby could have some of those birth defects, not that I'm to good to have a baby with defects, but everybody wants a healthy baby. So I didn't go into my next appointment with the specialist and just put having a baby on the back burner. Mark and I were wanting to buy a house, we had been renting an apartment for 2 years, and we were ready for that next big step. We had bought a lot in a subdivison and in November of 2008 we were ready to move in. We went on for awhile just getting used to being in a new house and getting everything situated in it. Then one night we were in Scottsboro and Tyler, Whitney and Taylor were with us. The subject of my needing to have a baby (from both of my sisters) came up. And they decided I needed to take a pregnancy test. So I went a bought a cheap test, went to my Nanny's (my dad's mom) and took the test. And it was negative. So i got all anxious to have a baby again. I decided to make an appointment with an OBGYN and just see what the statistics on people with this condition had with healthy babies and just get her opinion on what I should do in my situtation. Mark went with me to the appointment and I was very optimistic, I had been praying that the Lord would just let me get some good news, so I went back the doctor came in she was awesome, I told her my situation that I had the radioactive iodine treatment 2 years before and I hadn't been on any medication. She said she wasn't worried about my thyriod at all, she said they would check my levels, and we could go from there. That was music to my ears, I was so excited, we practically called everybody we knew and told them the good news. That was on Monday and Wednesday I got a call from one of the nurses, again the levels were still out of range and that I needed to make an appointment with my specialist. Same ole story. But I decided we were absolutely ready to have a baby and I was going to do all I could to get healthy. I started praying that the doctor would have some good news to tell me and I wasn't so optimistic this time because I have been seeing this doctor for over 2 years and it was the same story everytime I went. I went in and mom went with me, and the doctor was like a different man, he was very encouraging and said that my levels were so much better and that he had never had any major problems with women in the condition and that had babies that were just fine. And that since my levels were so much better he thought that I could have it regulated within 6 weeks. PRAISE THE LORD!! He put me back on my medication and I decided if I was really serious about having a baby I needed to do exactly what the doctor said, I have been taking my blood work like clock work, I've even had to have it refilled, and that was the first time I had ever taken a whole bottle. So i go this coming Monday to have blood work done and I go Wednesday for my appointment with the specialist. I know the Lord is going to do what it right for me, if he sees this is a trial that I am going to have continue, I'm going to do it with my head held high, He holds the future and knows exactly what I need whether I know or not...

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