Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

I finally have a minute to sit down! This weekend has been a busy one. I had a yard sale yesterday morning with my Nanny (Dad's mom) and my baby sister Taylor. We did pretty good, I made $150.00 and didn't have to bring anything back home. Then we went to Tommy and Nelda's for a Shrimp Boil that Mark made, it was awesome. We made time for a little volley ball, it was a nice evening and Nelda even made us some homemade ice cream! Mom and Dad spent the evening with us too and then came back to my house to stay the night for a Sunday morning Mother's Day breakfast, which was very good. Spent a few hours with them this morning, then had to make my desserts for a graduation party tonight after church. Reflecting on Mother's Day makes me very thankful for my mother and all the mothers in my life, My mom has always been my best friend, she's one that I could always go to and I knew she would not judge me but that she would do her very best to give me the best advice. I'm so thankful for that. My mom is the strongest, most independent woman I know, that is one thing I envy about her. She is the one that would never wait for my Dad to get home before she would move the piano by herself, from one room to the other. She was and always is there for her girls, growing up she was a stay- at-home mom and we never went without anything. That day in September of 2007 was the most scariest day of our life.
I remember being at work one day and got a call from Dad, he said we just came back from the hospital and your mom has a mass in her stomach. I was absolutely shocked, I was like what are you talking about. I had been married just over a year and I knew mom had had some trouble sleeping and thought that she had a hernia, but this blew my mind. I said ok I'll be right there, he said No we dont know any details but they did a biopsy and we will know something in a few days. So the rest of the day I spent praying and thought maybe it wasn't anything serious. I went straight over there after work and seen the pictures from the scope they did that day, I don't know much about stuff like that but what ever it was looked scary. Alot of the family came over that night, just trying to wrap our mind around it all. I mean Mom had felt great, she had just spent the whole week before working like a mule on her sisters daughters wedding, she said she had felt so good that she had even thought about not going to her appointment that day, Thank the Good Lord she did. She had went in that morning for a scope in her stomach to see if she did have a hernia, when they did it they seen the mass and did a biospy. On Wednesday morning she called me at work and said the doctors office just called and they have my results, they told me not to come by myself, so in case I get bad news, you should come over to the house and wait with Whitney, Nanny, Grandmother and Paw Paw. I could feel a big lump in my throat and said ok and told my boss I was leaving and depending what happen I may not be back that day. I think she had to be there at like 8 or 8:30, it was the longest wait of our lives, Whitney, Paw Paw and I went to Wal-Mart, we just had to do something the waiting was getting longer and longer, when we got back to the house, Dad had called, and Grandmother was sitting in the recliner crying. Nanny said that Mom and Dad were on there way back home and that Mom did have cancer, stomach cancer. I cannot even describe the feeling I felt that day, my mom was the strongest person I knew and she was never sick, how could this happen. But I knew I had to be strong when they came in, Mom came in, she was in good spirits, she confirmed the bad news but was very encourage that with surgery and a few treatments of chemo and radiation it would do the trick, not to mention our Great Physician's Hand. That was the worst day of my life. I called Mark at work and told him, I couldn't hold my tears in any longer when I talked to him, he said he would be leave work and be there in little awhile. I had tons of friends that called and text me showing me their love. On Friday, Mom went to meet her surgeon and her oncologist. They scheduled the surgery Monday morning. She would have to have a gastric by-pass and remove one-third of her stomach. They admitted her in the hospital on Sunday evening. We had lots of family and friends to come show their love and support. Mom came through the surgery and had to spend the next week in the hospital. The Lord came by and let Bro. David Kittrell annoit her in the hospital, and so many other great Children of God lay hands on her. She went in and out of chemo for the next few months, but on first weekend in February she was at church on Sunday morning and Bro Totchie McLain annoited her and the Lord healed her! She has been cancer-free for 3 years now, The Lord is so good to us and I praise him for healing my mom! It was a true miracle and one that I want soon forget.


  1. I am soooo proud the Lord healed your mom, she was always so good to me when I came over to your house...and believe me that means a lot...We love y'all...and Buddy said to tell Mark hi

  2. Ain't it great to have GREAT Mommas!!! I LOVE, love your Mom! She is such and encouragement!! Tell her I love her!